Tuesday, June 8, 2010


One more comics post, then I'll get back to the monster movie 'zines, I promise! Too hot to wait is the announcement just a short while ago of the return of FROM THE TOMB, an excellent A4-sized B&W/Color magazine that specializes in horror comics. Much like the sorely-missed TALES TOO TERRIBLE TO TELL published by New England Comics some years ago, FROM THE TOMB not only attempts but succeeds in instilling a sense of history for the reader along with insights on where the genre is headed in the future. Produced by Peter Normanton, FROM THE TOMB is a professionally printed 'zine that doesn't loose it's fun and "fannish" edge. Normanton is also the beast responsible for editing that giant tome of horror comics called THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF HORROR COMICS a few years ago.

For right now, the latest issue is only available if you purchase it online. You can also take a gander at some sample pages here. I love this 'zine and highly recommend it if you have any interest at all in horror as sequential art.

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