Sunday, May 2, 2010


The official FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND website has released news of a melange of incentives designed to magically remove more greenbacks from your possession. Turns out Gogos the Great has indeed painted a cover for the FM relaunch, which is pictured in all its gory above.

The wait is over. Rabid readers can now pre-order FM #251 through the FM website. If you subscribe ($49.95 for 4 issues -- gee, that's only TWELVE FIFTY AN ISSUE, folks!) you will receive the issue with the Gogos Bela as Drac cover.

As is the case these days, especially in the world of comic books, there are other, so-called variant covers that you can purchase if you are so inclined (and cash flush, of course). So, how does one acquire said multiferous covers? The good folks at FM offer the following guide, free of charge:

1. Primary Cover by Richard Corben – This will be available in all comic shops, bookstores and other outlets that place their orders through Diamond Comic Distributors. It is not currently available through the FM Online Store.

2. Incentive Cover by William Stout (pictured above right) – This will be available at shops and outlets serviced by Diamond Comic Distributors as an incentive cover, which means they'll get 1 Bill Stout cover for every 10 Corben covers. This cover option is not currently available through the FM Online Store.

3. FM Online Exclusive Cover: Basil Gogos (pictured at top)- This cover is available only through the FM Online Store. It will not be sold through Diamond.

4. Famous Monsters Convention Cover – Still mysteriously unrevealed, this cover version will be sold sold only at the FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND CONVENTION in Indianapolis this summer.

Now, before you start pulling the yak hair out of your fright wig, this marketing tactic is not unusual. It's purpose is to fire up anticipation and excitement and it's worked great before in other areas, such as THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. It even worked fairly well for the plodding, boring, and scare-less movie, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. Personally, I like the idea and I hope for the best for the FM fear-folks.

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Mike Scott said...

Oh, my achin' wallet! They sure ain't making it easy on us poor collectors! The Gogos cover is my fave, natch.


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