Thursday, April 29, 2010


I thought it might be appropriate at this early stage of the game to fill you in on what you might expect to see in future installments of this blog. MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD will concentrate mainly on what are generally known as "movie monster magazines". These include such vintage and out-of-print titles as CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN, MONSTER MANIA, MAD MONSTERS, and, of course, the legendary FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND (soon to be resurrected to current status -- check previous blog!), and such current titles as MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT, RUE MORGUE, FILMFAX, and SCARY MONSTERS. All these magazines are recognizable as "film magazines" because they feature articles, photos, and information regarding horror, fantasy and sci-fi films. Some magazines such as Larry Ivie's vintage 'zine MONSTERS AND HEROES, feature both horror films and serials that were popular during the day. Some 'zines may contain short fiction and other text, and even a comic strip or other illustrated story or two. Still other 'zines, like Marvel Comics Group's 1973-1975 run of DRACULA LIVES!, are the "other way around" and contain mostly comic stories with maybe one or two articles about monster films.

   The bottom line is I don't plan on holding on to any strict guidelines as to what is covered in this blog. The only thing you can be assured of is: if you enjoy the world of "monster magazines", then you'll love MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD!

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