Saturday, July 8, 2017


Writer/photographer Anthony Petkovich reviews nine vampire flicks from the 1970s in this article from the November, 2010 issue of HUSTLER. Maligned by the mainstream (and conversely supported by a loyal readership), Larry Flynt's irreverent and often downright gross content often covers pop culture topics tucked among the gaping pictorials, "A**hole Of The Month" and "Sh*thead of the Month" columns, and relentless Republican-bashing, all in the name of a free speech/free press editorial policy. Occasionally (and usually around Halloween) a monster topic or two pops up. This is one of them.

Petkovich opines: "If ever there was a great time to be a screen vampire, the '70s was it. Voracious blood-suckers shared the big screen with a welcome abundance of babes baring bountiful bosoms and bodacious buttocks. While many of the era's vampire pix were really just nudies with teeth, some figures of cinematic distinction still passed through from time to time." 

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