Thursday, December 29, 2016


Brimming with mediocrity and punctuated with flashes of unintentional hilarity, AIPs 1974 monster romp, THE BAT PEOPLE (aka IT LIVES BY NIGHT, IT'S ALIVE, ANGEL OF FEAR, etc., etc.), is notable for one thing -- the makeup of the louse-ridden fliedermaus was created by Stan Winston! It was only his second monster makeup after the rather excellently executed work on ex-L.A. Ram, Bernie Casey in the 1972 made for TV movie, GARGOYLES. What happened here is anyone's guess, but I'd wager he'd have wanted this one back. Nevertheless, it has become a part of monster movie history, warts, lice and all.

That's it, folks. Hey, I'm in a giddy after-Christmas kinda mood and you'll not get another serious word out of me until after the first of the year!

Here is the nicely done one-sheet for the not so nicely done film and a synopsis and list of credits of the ones that didn't mind being named:

BONUS: THE BAT PEOPLE lobby card set:


Anacho said...

Brrrr ! I'll have nightmares because of you ^^
thanks a lot !
bonnes fêtes de fin d'années à tous les monstres ^^

Doug in Karloffornia said...

A lot of bedroom pix for a PG movie!

John said...

Must've had some kind of mojo workin' because she followed him into the Bat Cave at the end of the movie!


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