Friday, December 11, 2015


Published between 1916 and 1948, CINE-MUNDIAL was the Spanish-language version of MOVING PICTURE WORLD magazine. They were not exactly alike in their content. While heavily influenced by Hollywood, CINE-MUNDIAL focused on film topics that were of special interest to Spanish-speaking readers.

Each issue was always brimming with photos of films and their stars, including the current film beauties. A number of the glamour girls had a role in a horror/thriller or two from the day. Carole Lombard starred in SUPERNATURAL, Gloria Stuart was in THE OLD DARK HOUSE, Frances Dee would later be cast in Val Lewton's I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE, Lupita Tovar played the Mina Harker counterpart in the Spanish-language version of DRACULA, and Fay Wray, of course, starred in KING KONG. All are worthy of mention in the MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD Horror Hottie Hall of Fame!

Carole Lombard (Aug. 1931)

Carole Lombard (Apr. 1931)

Lupita Tovar (May 1931)

Lupita Tovar (Feb. 1932)

Gloria Stuart (Aug. 1932)

Carole Lombard (Jul. 1932)

Lupita Tovar (Jun. 1931)

Frances Dee (Mar. 1931)

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