Saturday, September 19, 2015


Hey Monster Kids! The "Moon Monster" made famous in countless comic book ads of yesteryear has just been immortalized as a vacuformed heavy-duty styrene mask from THE DEVIL'S WORKSHOP. Master Mask Maker Pete Infelise's previous comic ad-inspired works have been the Gayle House Ghoul and the Monster Ghost.

The Moon Monster comes painted with blacklite-reflective paint (c'mon, you know you've got one stashed in the closet along with your fog machine!) and it's boxed up with a screened T-shirt and a Devil's Workshop Fang Club card and membership.

What's next from the fevered mind of Mr. Infelise? A Sea Monkey mask? Only time will tell.

So, whaddaya waitin' for? I ordered mine. Now, get on over there and get yours!


Dr. Theda said...

We also posted a promo post for this (and their "Gale House Ghoul) wonderful creation....
A great weekend to you and yours

John said...

Indeed. I hope that this response finds you sufficiently "recovered" from last evening. If not, a good dose of weekend "Moon Monster Madness" should do the trick.


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