Saturday, April 11, 2015


New York's Madison Avenue is famed for lining its street with advertising agencies. Advertising, besides being a reflection of popular culture, is truly remarkable for its uncanny ability to appeal to a large number of people. Don Draper, the creative director of an ad agency in the hit TV series, MAD MEN, remarks that the purpose of advertising is to make people happy. While that may be largely true, over the years niche ads have populated print media with a panoply of some of the strangest products for sale that one could imagine.

"Madison Ave After Dark" will share with readers of MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD some of these "weird but true" ads. Some of them are odd, some of them are crazy, and some are downright horrifying!

This ad appeared in the 1930's and was obviously aimed at keeping Fido off the upholstery. An interesting idea, theoretically, but pity the poor mutt if his owner gets a little too close to another car in the parking lot. With a product like this, why stop at dogs? Why not punch a couple more holes in it and throw in a kid or two?

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