Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Wow, here it is the end of 2014. Can you believe it? It came up on me so fast I've haven't done much in the way of thinking about future plans for MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD.

You may have noticed that the number of posts has dropped significantly here this year. Well, the main reason for it is because I suffered a great personal blow back in February when my Dad passed away at 91. He'd been ill for quite some time but one can never predict what will happen to one's emotions with the passing of a parent. He served our country with honor during WWII and lived with its effects for the rest of his life. He was the last of his B-24 crew to fly up into the fabled Wild Blue Yonder. The night before he died, I read off one more time the roll call of the men that he lived and fought with. He never opened his eyes or spoke a word that night, but I got a little nod of acknowledgement from him when I read off the names of his pals for the final time.

So far as those future plans, I can't say that I'll be back posting daily any time soon, but I have every intention of keeping up things on a regular basis.

With that, I'll sign off for this year. I sincerely thank everyone that's come by and visited, and hope you continue to do so. I'll try my best to make it worth your while.

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