Tuesday, June 10, 2014


"I think perhaps children are my best fans"       -Boris Karloff

Sure enough, Boris Karloff replied to his friend J. Eugene (Gene) Chrisman (they had met on at least one occasion) in the very next issue of Hollywood magazine (February 1935). He mentions his acting inactivity since starring in Universal's The Black Cat and his preparing to once more don the monster's makeup in a "sequel" to Frankenstein, which, as any Monsterologist would know, could only be The Bride of Frankenstein.

Of great interest is his correction of Chrisman's statement of how he met Lon Chaney, Sr., and goes into some detail of their acquaintance. Always the gentleman, Karloff corrects Chrisman in a couple of instances in the kindest of ways. Also of note are his comments about, along with his friends, helping to bring the English games of cricket and Rugby to America.

There is much here in a short span that Karloff reveals about his interests, his acting, and his being content with playing monster roles. In fact, in 1935, Boris Karloff seems quite content with life in general. "A trip to England to refresh memories now and then," he says. "My home, my work, my friends -- What more I ask you, could even a Monster want?"

Look for another vintage Karloff Klipping, J. Eugene Chrisman's "Please Scare Us, Mr. Karloff!" tomorrow, right here at MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD!

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