Saturday, February 8, 2014


The first Spanish-language version of Warren's VAMPIRELLA published in Argentina was a bit unlike the original. The famous Frazetta image of the vampiric beauty from the planet Drakulon was the only thing recognizable from the first issue of the American version. The logo was different and a sidebar was included that pictured four rather cartoonish monsters. After all, Vampi was the star of a horror comics magazine.

While there was a Spanish-published version of VAMPIRELLA that was distributed in Argentina, this version, first released in July 1970, was published by Editorial Mazzone and was wholly Argentinian. The magazine ran for 32 issues with 4 specials. It included comic stories and text and photo features that were unique to the title. The first issue had a story on "Mister Forres 'Horror' Ackerman" and showed FJA amongst his "Coleccion de Terror".

These sample pages are from the SHADOW PIKCHURS blog.

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